Winter is . . . both a time of removing and shoveling and one of dreaming, acting, and planning.


Rappahannock Landscape & Nursery will assist you with winter chores and help you plan and prepare for spring- and summer-time horticultural activities.  We can:

  • remove snow if you’re unable to do so, or if you have a long driveway or access road.
  • perform “woodland enhancement” tasks, such as:
    • culling trees from areas that are overabundant so the remaining trees thrive and the area retains a “naturalized” look,
    • removing unwanted, dead, or diseased trees, shrubs, or bushes, and
    • clearing your grounds of natural debris so you’re property will look pristine when spring comes.
  • meet with you to plan, select, and schedule springtime plantings.
  • schedule a visit to our private nursery and assist you in selecting specimen trees and shrubs to enhance the beauty of your property.
  • create landscape improvements that look as if they’re rooted in their surroundings.
  • acquire “special order” plantings for you from trusted vendors and purveyors.

Schedule an appointment for Rappahannock Landscape & Nursery to perform your winter landscaping tasks—whether maintenance or enhancement.

Shop with us to choose your spring planting selections and reserve your choices.

Consult with us about culling your underused or high-growth spaces to create a sense of spatial unity in sync with the rest of your property.

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