We are always looking for well-mannered, congenial and efficient team members who enjoy working independently, or as part of a skilled unit. We invite you to contact us using the form below if you possess the skills listed.

Hardscape Experience

  • Workers who:
    • are educated, trained and/or experienced in the construction field;
    • understand the process of hardscape construction; and,
    • can collect, cut and lay native stones and/or bricks.

Landscaping Experience

  • Workers educated, trained and experienced in the horticulture and landscaping fields;
  • Workers who can:
    • hand-dig and transplant trees;
    • install landscape creations;
    • mow, weed, rake, prune, and maintain diverse landscapes; and,
    • operate heavy machinery safely, and respect a customer’s property in the process.

Yes, I'm Interested!