Spring is the season that most demands “right now” action. It is a time of abundant and rapid growth . . . spurts of green and yellow appear everywhere, almost overnight.


At Rappahannock Landscape & Nursery, we understand . . . that springtime sometimes arrives before our customers are physically ready for its demands and that they can easily become overwhelmed by all that must be accomplished.

Let us help you. We can . . .

  • bush hog your fallow fields.
  • pick up and dispose of leaves and other natural debris.
  • remove damaged, diseased, or unattractive shrubs and trees and prune healthy ones.
  • plant new trees, shrubs or bushes, and help you select the best specimens for your landscape.
  • fertilize the plants, shrubs and trees species that do best when fertilized in the spring.
  • weed, edge, provide mulch and lay the mulch for you.

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