Why Choose Rappahannock Landscape & Nursery?

Top-down Participation and Supervision

Adam Kerr, Rappahannock Landscape & Nursery’s president directs and works with his crew on each Rappahannock Landscape & Nursery project.

Adam’s insistence on quality work, combined with his crew’s individual talents and collective attention to detail, guarantees his customers receive the professional job they desire and deserve.

Skilled and Stable Workforce

Adam and the Rappahannock Landscape & Nursery’s crew are all native Virginians who have worked together since the company’s inception. Customers will interact with the same knowledgeable and experienced crew throughout the life of their project.  Each crew member is educated, skilled or trained in the horticulture, landscape, or construction fields, or in all three disciplines.

Unlike other landscaping companies, Adam does not hire day laborers whose skills are suspect and who struggle to communicate.


Virginia Nursery and Landscape Association


Certified arborist and member of the International Arborists Society

Knowledge of the Area and its Horticulture

Rappahannock Landscape & Nursery has access to, and uses, natural materials from its service areas to blend your project seamlessly into your existing landscape.  The bushes, shrubs and trees they provide:

  • are native to your area;
  • will thrive in your location; and,
  • will complement your natural surroundings.

Customer Concerns and Education

Adam and the Rappahannock Landscape & Nursery crew keep a list of their customers’ concerns.  They periodically check on whether these concerns remain static or have risen to a degree of “harm to people or property.”  They alert customers when something needs attention—often things an untrained eye can’t discern—and monitor the worrisome condition until its elimination becomes critical.

Rappahannock Landscape & Nursery’s educates its customers about new or industry-specific products and explains how these products may solve individual landscaping issues affordably.

Affordable and Competitive Prices

Landscape Maintenance Pricing

  1. Adam works with a stable, integrated crew so he knows what they can accomplish and how long it will take them to complete your project. After a complementary on-site inspection, Adam accurately quotes customers a price based on his first-hand experience and knowledge.
  2. Adam and his crew are good judges of what portion of a project to tackle first.  Their collective knowledge saves customers money and conserves customer resources.

Design and Installation Up-Front Pricing

  • Adam conducts a thorough on-site review of the customer’s property and ensures his—and the customer’s—project ideas and specifications are in sync.
  • Adam provides customers with project and price options.
  • Customers then chose how much of a project they want to fund and the project proceeds accordingly.

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