Fall is a “clean-up” season . . . a time of blowing, pruning, digging, and preparing.


At Rappahannock Landscape & Nursery we offer our customers peace of mind by performing professional fall landscaping maintenance tasks for them.  We can:

  • bush hog your fallow fields.
  • blow leaves from foundations and beds, gather them up, and dispose of them.
  • remove diseased plants, bushes, and trees—so the earth holding them can once again become disease free—ready to receive new plantings.
  • remove undesirable plants, bushes or trees—both to maintain a customer’s landscaping vision and to prepare the soil for springtime’s new plantings.
  • prune shrubs and cut back perennials . . . leaving those specimens a customer has chosen to retain for “winter interest.”
  • fertilize lawns to protect and strengthen a lawn’s root system.

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