Hardscape Construction Services

What’s a hardscape? A hardscape is any non-living or man-made fixture that’s part of a planned outdoor area.

Each Rappahannock Landscape & Nursery hardscape project is a one-of-a-kind creation that proclaims, “Life is better lived outdoors.

Whatever our customers’ minds can imagine . . . whether subtle or dramatic . . . casual or formal. . .
we can design and create it for you.

Examples of stone or brick projects we can design to enhance your home or business are:

walkways—we can create original stone walkways, renovate existing stone walkways, or implement an architect’s unique walkway design.

dry-laid walls—we can create free-standing, dry-laid (using no mortar) walls.  We custom cut the stones to ensure our walls remain structurally sound over time.

paver stones—we can create a brick paver that gives your property an “old town” look.  The new stones will match the older stones’ color spectrum and complement the existing stones.

decorative and retaining walls—we can build both.

patios—we can create both simple and elaborate patios from your under-used outdoor areas and convert these areas into an oasis of pleasure and calm. We can even create outdoor fireplaces that have the feel of a hearth.

Hardscape construction projects can commence throughout the year; but March and April are the optimum times to begin one.

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